Liverpool – FA Cup Winner 2006

Whoa! Liverpool did it again!

While not exactly another Istanbul, Liverpool had to come back from behind (1-0, 2-0, 2-1) to draw level at 3-3 in injury time with an awesome 30-yard drive from Captain Gerrard!

No goals scored in extra-time, taking the game to penalty shoot-out! Reina saved three penalties to snatch the FA Cup for Liverpool!

FA Cup Winner 2006
Image (c)

Some noable quotes:

I said to Steven at the end, “I thought you would
have saved those [goals] for the World Cup!”
– Alan Pardew, West Ham maanger

‘Today was not good for the heart so we should try to win things
– Rafa Benitez, Liverpool manager

In the past, I’ve commented the Liverpool team lack the mental strength to win things. Now I can see a very different team out there. A team that knows even when things are not going smoothly for them (like trailing 2-3 in a Cup Final with only minutes to go), they still continue to play on to create openings….

Well done, lads. Let’s wish for an even better season next!

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