Cafe turning retro

While I was at Games Circle last Sat, I couldn’t resist popping into Kopi-time (in Atria) for their roti bakar special!

Amazing how the coffee shop industry changed from Starbucks/CBTL back into the “retro-style but upgraded with new decos” cafe like Kopi-time, Kopi Club in Low Yat, Old Time Cafe in Maluri and I’m sure many more dotted around the Klang Valley.

Oh. Speaking of Starbucks. my buddy Edw is launching the Designer Games Cafe this coming Weds (17/5) at Starbucks 1 Utama.

For more details, check out the Event here and get the invite!

p/s Me also going with my g/f Yan for the Grease musical at KLCC on the evening of the same day.

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