Weekend Gaming 12/5/06

Fri (12/5) was a holiday (Wesak Day) and what better use of a non-working day than to meet up with some buddies for a gaming session! In fact, we’d arranged for this much earlier in the week and were looking forward to it.

Did the following games with the Terasek Gamers – Puerto Rico, Clans (4x) and Power Grid (on new France map!) Had to break the session at 7+ since the host has a business to attend to tomorrow morning. But we’ll be back next Fri!

Sat (13/5) Meetup at Games Circle. Usual regulars were there. Two games were in play – a 4-player Friedrich and then 5-player Antike. Later dropped in to Toybox for a chat with Nic and Vincent.

New games still have not cleared Kastams, so no new joy this weekend. Apparently a few boxes were missing and Edw’s trying to trace them. Gosh.. hope it’s not Fury of Dracula!

Sat (13/5) Nite. One of the Pudu Gamers – Stan Phang – were having a dinner reception for his marriage tomolo evening (Tsui Villlage, Low Yat) so tonite’s a bachelor nite! Instead of partying, these groups prefer to have a Bachelors’ Gaming Nite! Whhoooo…….

So brought my boards over…. Alan brought his new card games (bought from his recent trip downsouth). They were playing Kuhandel (You’re Bluffing) when I arrived.

Oh.. I was late… coz I gotta wait till the ,khv were completed. And boy, did I not regret watching the match. Must be one of the best FA Cup Finals in recent years! I already blogged about this earlier, so no point repeating myself.

Anyway when I sampai, they were bluffing and bidding and generally giving away the whole “cow”! This is a fun game… recommended by Kandang.

After Kuhandel is over, we split into two groups. A 5-player group did Antike (on German map) while the other 4 played Chor-Tai-De.

Remember to catch the gaming report and photos later at www.boardgamecafe.net

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