Remember the Alamo!

Watched this movie during the weekend. This is a 2004 movie, and with my busy schedule I only catch the must-watch on the big screen. The rest I save them for DVDs hehe

The Alamo was a famous battle. It’s here that the phrase “drawing a line” was created (by the young Lt-Col Travis).

All defenders in Alamo were killed when the Mexicans attacked… Gen Sam Houston has the opportunity to send reinforcement but he knew he would not be able to hold the Alamo and instead of sending in more troops to be slaughtered, he opted to bid his time.

This is another example of “proportionate decision” which I first came across in the movie “The American President“. About how you would want to sacrifice a few for the greater objective though as Michael Douglas (the President) commented in that movie, “Explain that again to the wife of the staff tomorrow morning.” The “staff” referred to the people still working in the facilities which he’s about to send in bombers to bomb.

Anyway here Gen Houston consciously allowed the Alamo to be routed…. with the hope of catching Santa Anna offguard – which he did when he routed the Mexican army and captured Santa Anna himself just after the Battle of the Alamo (in the Battle of San Jacinto). The San Jacinto was the battle that made famous the rallying cry “Remember the Alamo“.

My Rating: 3.5/5

Official Site:
Roger Ebert: (3.5/4)

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