Ebert has reviewed Da Vinci Code

That’s fast. He has seen the movie and guess what? He’s given it a 3 star (out of 4)! Me haven’t yet decided when I’m going to catch the movie esp since X-men 3 is coming next week. Cool….

Here’s the link to Ebert’s review and the extract below tells you why he’s a fave movie reviewer of yours truly.


This poor man has been shot and will die late at night inside the Louvre; his wounds, although mortal, fortunately leave him time enough to conceal a safe deposit key, strip himself, cover his body with symbols written in his own blood, arrange his body in a pose and within a design by Da Vinci, and write out, also in blood, an encrypted message, a scrambled numerical sequence and a footnote to Sophie Neveu (Audrey Tautou), the pretty French policewoman whom he raised after the death of her parents. Most people are content with a dying word or two; Jacques leaves us with a film treatment.

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