Sometimes think… before sending out spam mails

I just received an email supposedly asking me to do something if I want to maintain free use of my MSN account else Microsoft will levy a US$10/month fee on my usage. It even went to the extent of linking to a BBC news article to proof its authenticity.

If you read the BBC news ( it did indeed say something to the effect Microsoft was planning to charge its user a fee. But if you LOOKED CLOSELY, the date of that article was 25 February, 2001! Duh…

Oh wait.. perhaps this spam mail was sent out in 2001 and only reached me today?! Nah.. can’t be. The email was sent out yesterday.

As with all spamming mails, it asked you to send the message out to EVERYONE on your contact list else your accounts will be shut down.

For Christsake.. when have we stopped thinking with our brains? After we left primary schools? sigh.

How the f**k (censored due to young children reading this blog) will Microsoft or anyone else for that matter track the emails you sent out – in order for them not to shut down your account as they promised?? Jeez….

Wait.. I’ve another theory on the 2001 news date. Maybe this spam mail started in 2001 and it finally found its way to me – almost 5 AMAZING YEARS LATER!!

Hmm… this is interesting to professors who are studying the longevity of spam mails. This could be proof they live for 5 years or more.

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