Style or Practicality?

HP has just launched the iPAQ 6828, basically an OEM Atom (O2) machine which they rebrand and possibly put in some improved ROM stuff. It looks cool too. With 2M camera, all connectivity (except 3G), Win Mobile 5 and a street price of RM2,588 or about rm400 less than the O2; it looks a good buy.

But I was also informed via reliable sources, the new HP 6900 (much awaited as it was launched in March in Barcelona) will be launching in a couple of weeks time. The 6900 is basically a souped-up ver of the current 6500 with the main intention of fixing all the “problems” found in the 6500.

The 6828 is more stylish – after all, it was the O2 Atom model! – but has a smaller screen space while the 6900 has a large screen size (slightly smaller than my existing 6315) but with a keypad (ala Treo) at the bottom.

I dun like the keypad since I’m more at home using the stylus and writing on the touchpad. This was what held me back from jumping into the 6500 and I suspect now that the 6828 has been released sans the keypad, I’m inclined to get the 6828 instead.

Unless HP included 3G into the 6900….

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