Adieu Zidane…

Tonite the footballing world shall bid farewell to (my opinion) the best football player since Pele. His touches, his vision and his quickness when he was at his prime had no peer. And even today, at the age of 36, he has shown to the world in football’s biggest stage that along with his consumate footballing skills, he has the tenacity to deliver on those skills when needed most.

‘plays as if he has silk gloves on each foot’ (Alfredo Di Stefano)

‘can do things with his feet that others cannot do with their hands’ (Thierry Henry)

‘The game, the event, is not necessarily experienced or remembered in real time. My memories are fragmented – whenever something amazing happened I would remember playing in another place, at another time. Someone passed the ball to me and, before even touching it, I knew exactly what was going to happen. I knew I was going to score.’ (Zinedine Zidane on scoring the spectacular volley that ended Bayern Leverkusen’s Champion’s League dreams in 2002).

So Zidane, let’s have one more night of magic from you tonite…. cheers!

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