Liverpool in Top 8 Seeds for this season’s Champions League…

… but first they have to qualified from a 2-legged match. Can be tricky.. but then again, if you cannot even get thru such qualification match, it matters not whether you are seeded or not.

MU and Arsenal are in this Top Seeds group but Chelsea (hehe) is not.

Last season we were not doing too badly in the CL but got knocked out in the QF more likely becoz we were trying to concentrate too hard on the EPL. All the best to the Reds.

The draw for the group stages of the competition will take place in Monaco in August. Top pot of seeds for Champions League according to current UEFA co-efficient:

  1. Barcelona (Spa) 127.0pts,
  2. Real Madrid (Spa) 120.0,
  3. Inter Milan (Ita) 112.0+,
  4. Liverpool (Eng) 105.9,
  5. Arsenal (Eng) 101.9,
  6. Man Utd (Eng) 100.9,
  7. Valencia (Spa) 95.0,
  8. Lyon (Fra) 89.7.

Second seeds:

  1. Porto (Por) 87.5,
  2. PSV Eindhoven (Hol) 81.6,
  3. Bayern Munich (Ger) 80.9,
  4. Chelsea (Eng) 79.9,
  5. Roma (Ita) 76.0,
  6. Ajax (Hol) 60.6,
  7. Celtic (Sco) 60.0,
  8. Lille (Fra) 54.7.

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