Pay to be a club mascot?

Gosh.. I didn’t know that those kids (or rather their parents) have to fork out thousands of pounds in order for their kid to walk out with a Premiership Football team!!

As reported in the Guardian, some charge as high as GBP3,500 for that “privilege”!! Come on… clubs are already making money from ticket prices, TV rights, etc.. do they have to squeeze another few thousand quids from these kids?

Yes they do. Here’s the list of what each club charges with the exception of 7 clubs who offer this service for free.

The price of a dream

  • Everton £1,762.50 to £3,525
  • Bolton Wanderers £400 *
  • Fulham £300 to £995
  • West Ham £350
  • Portsmouth £300
  • Sheffield United £250 to £350 *
  • Reading £250
  • Tottenham Hotspur £195 to £295
  • Watford £195 to £250
  • Chelsea £176.50
  • Aston Villa £175
  • Charlton Athletic £60 to £250

    * also offer some free places

  • Free: Arsenal; Blackburn Rovers; Liverpool; Manchester City; Manchester United (but sponsors choose the mascot in 75 per cent of league games); Middlesbrough; Wigan Athletic.

For full report, read the Guardian article.

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