Forever blowing bubbles…

We met West Ham again in our 2nd match of this season. We won them in last year’s FA Cup Final which they claimed was fluke so this game provides us with an opportunity to set things right.

I also felt we did not do justice to ourselves in the Sheffield game as most players had their eyes on the midweek CL Qualifying match at Kiev. Now that’s over, let’s see whether the boys in Reds can continue to play as well as they did in the Community Shield match against Chelsea.

Was supposed to watch the game at Finnegan’s @ Bintang but was held up by my boardgame meetup at Games Circle. By the time I reached Finnegan, the 2nd half has just started but I was pleased to walk in to a 2-1 scoreline in Liverpool’s favor.

Sat down, soon after my Liverpool mate Kwang Yeow arrived. We ordered our food and drinks and settled down to watch the game.

Food was a mistake as the Chicken Maryland tasted like unthawed chicken meat! Yucks!!!! Soup was not bad but maybe I shud not order any more meals at Finnegans. Service is also poor…. had to asked three times for the non-liquor drinks menu before someone actually came up to me and said they only have coffee, tea and orange juice. What?

Back to the game, we were pleased to see Liverpool playing brightly, spraying the balls wide and Kuyt did very well on his 2nd half debut.

A cracker by new boy Agger and another well-taken goal by Crouch put us in the driving seat. First blood went to them though…. but I think everyone who saw that shot would agreed it was intended as a cross and not a shot-at-goal!

Bellamy also scored but was called for offside (we all dun think so) and Bowyer almost equalised for West Ham.

Still we held on and won the game 2-1. The new additions to the team certainly make us stronger. News that MU also narrowly won 2-1 at Watford (and later in the night while gaming at Pudu found out Arsenal lost 0-1 to Man City) brought more joy.

Some of the pluses of watching the game at Finnegans:

  • It seems there’s lots of Liverpool supporters here
  • They have large screens
  • Their tables large enuff for us to do boardgames if we can get a group together
  • They have TMNet Hotspot if we wish to go online!

Now, if only they can fix their food, put more non-liquor drinks on their menu, and improve their service…. we just might make them the Liverpool Cafe in KL!

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