Left and Right

Finally learnt “exactly” what left- and right- meant in politics.

Left: Rejecting the inequality that results from the free market is left;
Right: Accepting it is right.

Left: The extent to which the government should (interventionism)
Right: The government should not (laissez-faire) intervene in the economy in order to benefit the poor.

Left: Preference for a “larger” government;
Right: Preference for a “smaller” government.

Left: Relativism;
Right: Universality.

Left: Liberty;
Right: Security.

Left: Prefers trading protection for freedom;
Right: Favors trading freedom for security.

Left: Equality of outcome;
Right: Equality of opportunity.

Left: A secular government;
Right: A religious government.

Left: Collectivism;
Right: Individualism.

Left: Innovation;
Right: Conservatism.

Left: The idea that law dictates culture;
Right: The idea that culture dictates law.

Left: Support for national independence, autonomy and sovereignty, especially for smaller groups;
Right: Support only for established states and governments is right.

Left: Internationalism and cosmopolitan attitudes;
Right: National interests.

Left: Diplomacy;
Right: Military force.

Left: The idea that human nature and society are malleable;
Right: The idea that human nature and society are fixed.

Left: The idea that human beings are naturally good;
Right: The idea that human beings are naturally flawed.

Left: The left holds that evil and suffering are the products of an unfair society which should be fixed,
Right: The right holds that they are inescapable elements of the human condition.

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