Rotation is the new Zonal Marking

Alrite if you are still wondering whether Rotation is a good or bad thin’, wonder no more. Read Paul Tomkin’s debunking of the myth surrounding Liverpool… but then it’s always sensationalism that sells newspaper.

Paul debunk the myths not with emotions, feelings or opinions – all of which can be subjective – but with simple cold hard facts (ouch)

On Zonal Marking
“In 2005/06 the Reds conceded only four league goals from corners and indirect free-kicks; or one every nine games, compared with Chelsea, the next-best team, and their rate of one every six games.”

On Luis Garcia being a luxury
“However, last season he was ‘directly involved’ in more Liverpool goals per-90 minutes of Premiership football than any other player (involvement being based on the final three players to touch the ball in the scoring of any goal). “

On Steven Gerrard being better placed in the center (than right)
“But Liverpool won by far the most points (in all competitions, using three points for cup wins as well) when he was on the right wing: 2.30 per game, compared with 1.89 when central.”

…. and a lot more. Go read his article now.

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