After a long hiatus, I guess it’s time to come back and keep this blog chugging along…. 😛

To kick this off, let me intro you to a site that sells acrylic painting based on retro-computers like the ZX Spectrum and Apple II.

The ZX Spectrum is my first computer many many years back and one of the games I was smitten with back then was Manic Miner.

The Retro Painting site seems to have quite a number of painting based on Miner Willy. I like!!

But it’s tagged at EU300 *sigh*

Here’s one that everyone should be familiar with – the Space Invaders!

If you fancy paying EU300, check this site out.

Hint: Talk to Boris (the owner and the person who did all the painting) – he can give you a sweet deal. 😉

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