Ping Lian

Went to the Paddington Market yesterday to look-see. There are quite a number of stalls selling necklaces and bracelets which I think waiyan would luv! I was there looking for some art/painting for 19P2.

Some nice painting (eg. Tony Rea design) – not cheap either around AUD300-400 for a large print – but what caught my eye was some sketchy paintings from an autistic child named Ping Lian who happens to be from Malaysia!

Spoke at length with Sarah (his mother who’s running the art biz on his son’s behalf) and really admire her dedication to her son.

Liked two of the paintings – the Rooster and the Sydney City – but since she only accepts cash (and not card), I’ve to defer the purchase till next Fri where she’ll be at Chinatown.

The Sydney City print (above) costs AUD248 (thankfully AUD has gone down to around 2.3 – 2.5 mark) so likely need someone to get me some AUD dollars! 😛

You can check out his art at his own website

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