Melbourne Apr ’08


With a quiet New Year Eve, I managed to get some of my old photos uploaded to Flickr. A few of those sets were from my (first) visit to Australia back in Apr 08 when I was there to attend my company’s annual kick-off management meeting.

The meeting was in Melbourne but with my division’s office in Sydney, I first dropped in to Sydney, stayed for a few days in the SYD office before hopping over via Qantas to Melbourne to attend the meeting. Didn’t do much visiting since time was pretty packed and I’d only one weekend. I did manage to go to the Handbags Through the Ages exhibition (which I’ll blog about in the next post) that happened to be hosted at the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) in Sydney, and a day trip to Taronga Zoo.

MELBOURNE – A First Look
Melbourne is indeed a beautiful city, and one worth spending more time. Alas I was here for 2 nights only… and with a full day meeting going on, there’s not really much you can do.

Did manage to snap this picture of the Miss Louise boutique just outside the Westin Hotel (where we had our meetings). Lovely boots…

Miss Louise boutique in Westin Hotel, MEL

The Flinders Street Station with their famous dome clocks under which many young couples meet for their first date – I’ll meet you under the clocks (a reference to the row of clocks above the main entrance) 😉

This is the oldest city station in Australia, built in 1854

“I’ll meet you under the clocks”

The famous row of clocks above the main entrance to this station indicates the departure time of the next train for each line. They inspired the famous Melbournian saying, “I’ll meet you under the clocks.”

Right across the Yarra River is the Hamer Hall where you can catch a variety of performing arts.

Hamer Hall MEL
Hamer Hall in Melbourne

Directly opposite Flinders Street Station is the Federation Square which is another popular destination for the locals. In the picture below, you can see the Australian Centre for Moving Image (ACMI) building in the foreground.

ACMI @ Federation Square MEL
The Federation Square with ACMI in the foreground

Melbourne has a lot more to offer… and it’ll need more than the one hour or so that I’d to spent just walking around the area near the Westin Hotel. Will certainly be coming back to this beautiful city to explore.

See more photos from my Melbourne set in Flickr.

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