Rubik II?

Just read this from Guardian. The inventor of the Rubik Cube – Prof Erno Rubik – is back, and everyone’s tipping his next release to be as groundbreaking as the Rubik Cube.

Dan Harris, Rubik champion trying the new Rubk 360

Some interesting facts on the Rubik Cube:

  • It has 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 possible combinations on its six faces
  • It has only one solution
  • More than 350,000,000 Cubes sold worldwide
  • Invented in 1974 but not exported from Hungary until 1980
  • A standard 3×3 Rubik’s cube measures 2¼ inches (5.7cm) on each side
  • It has 39,600 entries on YouTube
  • The first international ‘speedcubing’ championship was held in Hungary in 1982 and was won by Los Angeles student Minh Thai with a time of 22.95 seconds.
  • The current British ‘speedcubing’ champion is Breandan McElhill, 16, from Ayrshire with an unofficial personal best time of 7.9 seconds.
  • The current world ‘speedcubing’ champion is Dutch teenager Eric Akkersdijk with an official time of 7.08 seconds.
  • Variations on ‘speedcubing’ include solving the cube with a single hand, with feet, blindfolded or underwater in a single breath.
  • The British blindfold ‘speedcube’ champion is Joey Gouly, 17, from Leeds with a time of 48 seconds. The slowest solver is thought to be Graham Parker, 45, a builder from Portchester, Hants, who finished his Cube earlier this month 26 years after he bought it. “When I clicked that last bit into place and each face was a solid colour I wept,” he said.


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