The Phantom of the Opera

Have been hunting for the 2-CD original cast recording for The Phantom of the Opera musical (the one with Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman) but couldn’t seem to find it. Tried Speedy, tried Tower etc.

Saw the 2-CD once (a long time ago) at Popular Leisure Mall, but didn’t buy it then. Been regretting since.

When the movie came out in 2004 (IMDB), watched it, enjoyed it and then wanted the 2-CD original set even more! 😦

Yesterday while at Amcorp, just decided to drop in to Victoria Music Centre for a look-see. Guess what? They have both the Original Cast Recording 2-CD and the 2004 Movie Soundtrack also 2-CD editions!

The Movie Soundtrack comes in a single-CD and 2-CD edition. The 2-CD edition obviously containing ALL the songs from the movie while the single CD has the highlights. One of the highlights of the 2004 movie (compared to the musical) is Gerard Butler’s awesome rendition of “The Point of No Return”.

Phantom of the Opera
Now I’m the happy owner of both these 2-CD audio tracks

Andrew L.W. is also planning to launch the sequel “Phantom: Love Never Dies” to this musical this coming year possibly at Shanghai.

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