Running for Charity

It’s not always that we get to combine our passion for life with charity work. When I first saw the StanChart KL Marathon (SCKLM) event, I was not sure of taking part. I’ve been increasing my mileage at the gym but a 10-km run is still a mid-distance run and if you intend to finish the run in reasonably good time, then you need be ready for it.

However once I saw that it has a Run for Cause (charity) option, that made up my mind. Yes, I’ll run for charity and I’ll get myself prepared for it. 🙂

The SCKLM event supports 5 charities;

  • Standard Chartered Trust Fund
  • Shelter Home for Children
  • DHRRA Malaysia – Development of Human Resources in Rural Area
  • NASOM – National Autism Society of Malaysia
  • Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) – Protection of Malaysia’s Natural Heritage

Since GREEN has often been a recent topic of discussion, I picked Malaysian Nature Society (MNS). Would have picked WWF if it was on the list *wink*

The deal is simple:

  1. I sign up as a charity runner, select the non-profit org I wish to plege my donations to and then promote the charity event to solicit donation.
  2. Those who wish to donate can just do so at the SCKLM website where each of us charity runners have a page of our own.
  3. Once we managed to raise RM500, we’ll get to take part in the run (Jun28).
  4. All dollars raised by this initiative will be donated to the nominated charity organizations.

Of course, I could just sign up as a normal runner and paid RM50 and not have to worry about having to raise RM500 donations. I suppose being able to help raise some funds for one of these non-profit organizations would make the run much more meaningful.

If you wish to support me (and MNS) in my run for charity, you may donate via Stanchart at this webpage.

On behalf of Malaysian Nature Society and our environment, I thank you in advance. Your kind support will go a long way to helping MNS achieve their conservation goals and help preserve the environment for our future generation. You can read more about MNS and their activities at their website:

NATURE – Our Heritage, Ours to Protect!

Note: Stanchart can issue you tax-exemption receipt for your donation.

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