Adizero Ace

Since I’ve had the Tempo (trainer shoes), I’ve increased my mileage to 10km per session in the gym without “killing” my legs. 😛 There was a day in May when I happeend to be in Gardens and I thought I might check into the Adidas Performance shop and have them do a scan of my feet to determine my foot type and what type of running shoes would fit me.

I’ve done the standard “wet foot test” and it showed me as having a normal feet type. The foot scan at Adidas Gardens confirmed I’ve a neutral foot type – except it showed I’d a slight overpronation on my forefeet when I land (but that’s getting technical) – and thus it’ll be easy for me to pick up running shoes off-the-shelf.

The shop assistant was very helpful and knowledgeable. He explained the types of running shoes series produced by Adidas – AdiZero and Supernova – and since I already have an Adizero Tempo as a trainer he suggested I get my running flats from the same series.

He recommended either the Adizero CS or Manna since all I’m interested is running 10-15km races. However I couldn’t seem to find either the CS or Manna in stock at most of the Adidas shop. Was told by the shop assistant at Adidas Performance Pavilion that these shoes tend to come in “seasons”. Duh….

A google thru running forums said Adidas is replacing the RC, CS, and LT with new models; the Ace and Adios. Anyway I saw both these new running shoes at the Adidas shop in Times Square – one black/yellow shoes (Ace) and the other a striking yellow shoes (Adios).

The Adios is a little high-end for me – but it’s best if you are doing the half or full marathon (nope, that’s not me hehe) – so I settled for the Ace. At 7.5 oz (that’s 3.5 oz lighter than the Tempo), it’s a very lightweight running shoes. Not to mention being fashionable in black, hehe (and not the boring conventional white).

Adidas AdiZero Ace

The downside with the weight is that it has less cushioning than the Tempo so it’s more suitable for use in Run Day itself rather than my regular training runs at True Fitness.

Have been breaking-in the Ace for a few weeks at my Sunday KLCC on-the-road runs… and just now did a full 9km run using the Ace. Feels great and everytime I picked up pace, the shoes’ “quickstrike” (on the forefeet as you bounced off) felt good! Took me 57 min though (that’s a slow time)…. need to learn to tackle the “hamburger hills” more efficiently. haiz.

waiyan came along with me and did about 3 rounds (that’s 3.9km) in preparation for her 5km run for SCKLM. Think she went over the pace in the 1st round and had some problems with side stitch. Need to help her to pace properly.

Will be going back to the gym over the weekdays to do speedworks for one more week. Need to push my 5km time down to 25min and that means a solid 12kph from start. 😛

Two more weeks to SCKLM…

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  1. wah, not bad, Lord of Midnight 🙂 I didn't know you had a running blog … I'm so gonna add you to my blogroll! Btw, nice post on the shoes. I have a pair of Asics though – haha


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