SCKLM ’09 – Interesting Photos

Just sharing some interesting photos taken by laiwah during the run. πŸ™‚

ISCKLM '09 - 7.33 am
#1926, that’s the bib number for Muniandy Ramadass who’s the first local finisher for the Full Marathon. He clocked 2 hrs 31 min for this run. That’s about 36 min for 10km (it’s a 17 kph speed) sustained over 2.5 hrs!!

The overall winner is a Kenyan clocking in at around 2 hrs 17 min! :O

SCKLM '09 - 7.35 am
#2516 is Ruburn Kummar (MAS) who’s first in the 10km category. He completed in 36.5 min.

SCKLM '09 - 7.37 am
Some of the Kenyan runners coming in for the 42km finish.

SCKLM '09 - 7.42 am
#1246 Georgine Beech was the winner for the Women’s 10km category. Her time was 44 min.

SCKLM '09 - 7.49 am
Running is not all about winning. You also need to do it with style like our young fren here. πŸ˜› His time is not bad though at 52+ min for the 10km.

SCKLM '09 - 7.54 am
I like #0439; she’s a half-marathoner (see her blue bib tag) and she’s clocking in at 2 hrs which’s impressive. I like her running posture/form where she is a forefoot strike runner (vs “heel strike”).

The runner next to her #2480 is also a forefoot strike runner. He’s from the Pacemaker group, easily recognizable with their red running vest. They sent in quite a large number of runners.

What is “forefoot strike” running?

SCKLM '09 - 8.00 am
Never too old to run… and the grandma (above) deserves a bow from all of us! She not only completed her 10km run but did it in around 60 min!! That’s a good 10 min faster than my finishing time.. aiyoh!

Next time anyone tells me he or she is too old to run, I’ll pop this photo as my response, hah!

SCKLM '09 - 8:19 am
Interesting “twist” she has on her calves as she ran… looks dangerous to me oh.

SCKLM '09 - 8:21 am
Saw a few of these pairs of runners. Basically a runner leading another runner who’s visually impaired. Warms the heart. Pity the photo is out-of-focus.

SCKLM '09 - 8:22 am
Turning into the Big Walk now… πŸ˜›

SCKLM '09 - 8:25 am
Yes, that’s the way to finish – smile and wave!

SCKLM '09 - 8:40 am
Okie.. now let’s come to the “baby strollers”. Firstly, how did the organizer allow non-registered runner to get into the route? Only those who clearly displayed bib numbers shud be on the running route, no?

Secondly while I understand why they are doing this ie strolling the babies – must be all nice and warm to have baby running along with daddy towards the finishing line – but HELLO, this is an International Marathon. Do they not realize they could be road hazards to the other runners who are coming in strongly to the finishing line either for their personal best time or position??

SCKLM '09 - 8:41 am
ah.. see…. #1240 is a Full Marathon runner and he’s almost going to crash into the stroller as he tried to wriggle his way past the crowd.

SCKLM '09 - 8:48 am
Ah… eye candy πŸ™‚ The #0002 kid is super cool… btw I was not referring to the kid as eye-candy πŸ˜‰

SCKLM '09 - 9:01 am
This is Peter Lee (#0169), who’s leading his visually-impaired fren for the kids dash. Good for you, Pete!

SCKLM '09 - 9:02 am
Luv the way kids run… with such abandonment and stamina!! Go Kiddo Go

The full set of 170+ photos can be viewed at my Flickr site – click here. If you find your running photos in it, email me and I can send the source file to you.

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