BEATLES here there everywhere….

With John Lennon’s 70th anniversary (if he was still alive) being celebrated today, it was no wonder everyone’s favourite BookXcess (the evil bookshop haha) decided to have a couple of their books on vivid display in their shop, which helped to lure unsuspecting folks who were just innocously passing by on an easy Saturday……
…. and then leaving the shop with BEATLES in their left- and right-hand!!LOL
It didn’t quite end there!
With Victoria Music Centre also located in the same vicinity, yours truly can’t help but walked in to inquire if they still have stock for the Beatles Stereo Set (a complete collection of their 13 albums plus extras). This set was released late last year and I’ve kinda been dragging my feet over buying this, constantly convincing myself stocks will still be around.
The complete Beatles Stereo Set collection of all their albums remastered in stereo
… and I walked out of their shop with BEATLES here there everywhere!
Now if you think this is the end, not quite yet… have I told you about the MONO edition of the Beatles Collection?  Hah!
But I shall spare you as the nite is late and I need to sleep for tomorrow’s run… zzzzz….

“This isn’t show business, this is something else. This is different from anything that anybody imagines. You don’t go on from this. You do this and then you finish.” John Lennon, 1963

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