My long awaited report for the recently concluded Newton 12K Run

Nothing? Hahaha
Yeah, nothing. As I FFK that event!
FFK = Fong Fei Kei (literally translated as “fly aeroplane” or in layman speak “to skip an event”)
I signed up for this event – the Newton 12K – a couple months back but as is with my schedule, it’s hard for me to know how busy I’ll be on event day itself. Still, I like to give my support to the local running community and sign-up for any running events I came across. Worse case scenario? You pay for the event and just get a running tee lor. Not a bad deal rite? 😛

P/s This Newton Run is also known as the Ammah Hill Challenge – if you want to know why, check out my fren Yimster’s blog entry on this – so I’m certainly not too “unhappy” that I chickened out from this! LOL
Sometimes I do wish I’ve more time to indulge in more running activities but as-is, my main consulting work in WSM is starting to take up a large chunk of my focus. This is my PSI (primary source of income) and as such it’s not something I can just walk away from.
At the same time, one of my MSI (multiple source of income) projects (BGC) is shifting into higher gear this year which inadvertently compresses my “free” time even further! BGC is partly a passion – of boardgaming – and in all honesty even without the biz moving a gear or two up, it’ll always occupy some of my time in particular Friday evening when we host the now infamous OTK Cheras Meetup. The Friday evening sessions – which starts 8 pm and can last till 5-6 am the following morning – are as AY Heng (another OTK regular) would call it “our weekend getaway after a hard week’s work”.
BGC Meetup - Samurai
Everyone is welcomed to come join us if you are around the neighbourhood. Find out what’s all the hoo-ha about these boardgames.

“Boardgame is to the mind, what Running is to our heart.”

Advert: You can find out more about this tremendously fun – and sometimes geeky – community of boardgamers here

Hope always springs eternal!

Beyond Newton, I’ve also signed up for a series of local races beginning with the Nike 10K City Run (and also Hooha’s 10.10.10 Fun Run) tomorrow at KLCC (and Lot 10 respectively), the Mizuno Wave Run next Sun at UPM, the Terry Fox Run in Nov, CICM Charity Run in Dec, etc. Wah… like real only! 😛
I do maintain my regular treadmill runs at the gym so it’s not like I’m bumming at home getting fat. Ahem.. maybe only the bumming part is correct as I did put on a couple kilos lately. Was hoping to bring my weight down to 75 kilos before tomorrow’s run but guess that’s not happening so this fatboy gotta lug a few more kilos around tomorrow. Haiz.
Would be interesting to see at the end of the year how many runs I signed up and how many I actually did participate!! But in any case, I suppose the upside is that I won’t be short of running tees whenever I go for my training runs!!

Let’s hope to see a “proper” run report from me tomorrow on the Nike Run! Ciao for now….

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