Terry Fox Run 2010

 This was first posted at the Boardgamecafe.net site. I’m cross-posting it here to share with readers who are not Boardgamecafe.net fans.
They said “running” and “boardgaming” don’t mix well. Argument is that one (running) is active while the other (boardgaming) is passive.  One tests your physical limits while the other stretches your mental endurance.
SCKLM '09 - 7.54 am
The above argument carries some weight as often a boardgamer is not so into running, while you can’t easily find a runner who’s keen to sit down for a game of Agricola.
BGC Meetup - Ticket to Ride
Between both ends, you do see shades of gray. I am of such a shade of grayness, and it’s encouraging to note that I’m increasingly seeing more boardgamers or runners who share both passions.
100725 BHP Orange Run
All except one of these bibs belonged to a boardgamer!

In truth, both are not so different.
In Running, you have the Fun Run (5 KM or less), Short Distance (10K), Middle Distance (22K or Half-mara), Long Distance (42K or Full-marathon) and the Ultras (50K or more). Recently a group of my running frens came back from an awe inspiring 50K trail run in the S’pore North Face Challenge! Some of them are even contemplating doing the full 100K next. OMG!
You also get similar groupings in boardgaming – the Fun 30 min Games (Jungle Speed, Blokus), the Short 1 hour Gateways (Ticket to Ride, Samurai, Zooloretto), the Middle Weights (Puerto Rico, Power Grid) which take about 2 hrs to play, the Long Heavies (Agricola, Age of Steam, Imperial) which can go to 3+ hours, and the Hardcore Games (Thru the Ages, 1856, Twilight Imperium) that requires at least 6 hrs per session. And boardgamers also have their “100K” equivalent in legendary games like “1841” (12+ hrs) and “7 Ages” (14+ hrs).
We believe both are activities that promote healthy and positive lifestyle habits. We also believe just as prayer is good for your soul; boardgaming is good for your mind while running is good for your heart. Indeed a holistic way to balance your life!
Boardgamecafe.net’s mission is to promote the joy of boardgaming to a wide audience in Malaysia – that you all know J – but we do not want to stop at just evangelising boardgaming to the masses. We want to grow a community of aCTive and hEaLthy boardgamers that’s full of semangat!
BGK at Sunbeam
A BoardgameKids event at a local orphanage, part of our social responsibility programme

Always on the look out to align our community engagement with corporate social responsibility, the upcoming Terry Fox Run this Nov provides an opportunity for Boardgamecafe.net to give something back to the community, and to further blur the shades of gray between boardgamers and runners.
The Terry Fox Run is a charity run in support of the Cancer Research Initiatives Foundation (CARIF) and is held yearly worldwide. This year is a very special year for this event as it marks the 30th anniversary of the Run and a special t-shirt has been designed to celebrate this achievement.
The cool 30th Anniversary Terry Fox Run t-shirt

Boardgamecafe.net will sponsor a number of the Terry Fox Run t-shirts and will give them out to 1) regular customers, 2) those who have bought more than Rm500 worth of games from us in the past 30 days, and 3) those who have contributed selflessly to the growth of the boardgaming and/or running community. Free t-shirts are given out at BGC’s discretion.
You can also help support this cause by buying these cool collectible t-shirts from us at just Rm25/ea and in return BGC shall give you a voucher worth RM25 that can be used in your next game purchase. And of course, do come and join us on the day itself to celebrate TFR’s 30 yrs of milestone!
   What: Terry Fox Run 2010 (30th Anniversary)
   When: 7 Nov 2010 (Sunday) 8:45 am
   Where: Taman Tasik Titiwangsa
  RSVP Here -> BGC Terry Fox Run
091101 Terry Fox Run '09
BGC at last year’s Terry Fox Run

Whether you are a boardgamer who got into running, or a runner who discovers the joy of boardgaming – come join us and let us all run / jog / walk together this Nov 7th in support of this great cause!
 “Even if I don’t finish,
 we need others to continue.
 It’s got to keep going.”
 Terry Fox, July 10, 1980
Question: When you are shades of gray, do you call yourself a “boardgaming runner” or a “running boardgamer”? Tsk tsk.
We look forward to see you at this year’s Terry Fox Run!
About Terry Fox Run (link)

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