It’s Show Time!

Busy is not good. Busy makes you missed good shows. Haiz. Wasn’t even aware of it but Short&Sweet Dance Gala Finals was last Sunday (17/10). Could have gone but were not tracking it, so didn’t even know the Gala Finals were on Sunday. L
If you like stuff like this, keep tracking them at the KLPac site, as their Short & Swweet Theatre Gala Finals is this coming 31st Oct.
However a colleague did give me the heads-up on another comedy show, the Kings & Queen of Comedy Asia. First of its kind in Asia. 2.5 hours non-stop laughter. 5 of the top stand-up comedians in Asia featuring the popular Harith Iskander and Douglas Lim (of Kopitiam fame). Only one day show?
Kings & Queen of Comedy Asia 2010
Ticket price seemed pricey for a comedy show (then again, that’s comparing with musicals held here in the past) but given the dearth of musicals on the local scene lately, what the heck la… Β let’s dive in and see if this turns out to be a good.
So tickets booked and they will even courier the tickets to you. The tickets did arrive promptly.. and we are so looking forward to this Saturday.
Kings & Queen of Comedy Asia 2010
To book tickets for Kings & Queen of Comedy Asia, go to TicketPro.

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