Mandarin Grill Once More

Did not think I’ll be back here so soon – after having dined here with wifey recently. After having been busy for weeks, we finally crossed one bridge and had the (project) contract signed, sealed and done. Of course, hard work needs to be followed by a celebration!
Vendor asked me to arrange the venue and it was a toss between Lafite or Mandarin Grill. In the end, MG it was – given it’s proximity to the Twin Towers. No photos this time with this blog entry. Well, when you are having the VPs with you, it’s not exactly proper to be carrying a camera and snapping each and every food that’s brought to the table, while grinning like a cheshire cat and going, “Oh, dun mind me. It’s for my blog. Keep eating… ”  Need to maintain my decorum. Hehe.
100828 Anniv Dinner @ Mandarin Grill
I did not have the Pumpkin Soup or their signature Roast Duck (as it’s a dish meant for two). Instead I went for their Grilled Free Range Chicken which was good but it would have been better if they served choice of dark meat with a half chicken portion. I did start with the Alaskan Crabcakes (yummy) and ended with Tiramisu (didn’t seem to be able to taste liquor in it).
We had wine this time, one that’s quite tannic, Italian and I think it’s Barbera. Service-wise, they are still good but somehow did not seem as attentive as my last visit. Perhaps back then, it was just me and missus – and less diners that nite – so I suppose they gave us a bit more personal attention.
And oh.. we saw one of their waitress slipped & fell on the “artistic” half-height step that leads from the main reception into the dining area. That was always an accident waiting to happen.. Luckily except for a bruised ego, no one was hurt. 😛

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