Busy As Busy Is

Someone once asked, “Why are you so busy?”

I need a few secs to gather my thoughts before I can compose a reply. A weak one though.. that went like, “Why am I what?”

I suppose if I were to ask someone, “Why are you so free?” I may solicit the same response from those asked.

Anyway thought it might be interesting to post a snapshot of one of those busy weeks from my planner tool. 😛

Software used: Achieve Planner

I color-code my activities. Green is for my running activities. Sadly I missed a run on Thursday. Purple is for Boardgaming activites, and Friday’s our weekend OTK session. 😛

This tool also allows me to define time charts ie certain time allocated for specific project/category in a week which is the concept of First Things First (Covey). This makes me plan and balance (as far as possible) my week according to the importance of the projects I need to work on.

The coming weeks are looking busier than ever but you are not likely to hear me complaining. For the busy man is troubled with but one devil, while the idle man by a thousand. LOL

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