Meet-n-Greet makes for a Quiet Day in Oslo

OSLO. The 2nd day was a working day for us in Oslo. It was what we call the “Meet-n-Greet” day; drop in, go around to say Hi and then sit down for some one-on-one with senior management and key staff. We also took the opportunity to go through some important project talking points with staff in the Oslo office.

110224 Oslo

Since we’ll have an early start tomorrow and it’s also expected to be a long day, we decided to just have a quick dinner nearby the Oslo office, and then adjourn for the evening.

The Oslo office faces the port/sea and right outside is a string of port-side restaurants. Water’s all frozen though….

110224 Oslo

Today’s slightly warmer than yesterday but it’s still a sub-10C which actually made for a very very snappy and nice weather to be in as long as you are properly clothed.

110224 Oslo

We picked an Italian restaurant. Pretty unassuming in deco but I’ve to say their pasta is simply superb!!

110224 Oslo

That’s all for a quiet day… more to come for tomorrow’s sessrep where we went to the recently opened Oslo Opera House.



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