Borneo International Marathon 2012 date announced!

It’s set for 6th May 2012 (Sunday) and online registration is expected to open 1st Oct 2011. We did our first Borneo run last May (see first blog entry here) and my extremely busy schedule is keeping me from writing the rest of the blog entries…. but we thoroughly enjoyed our run (and also the short holiday at Sutera Harbour) and will definitely want to come back again!

If you’d ran in the 2011 race (full or half-mara) and were coming back to the last KM around 8:00 am – 10:00 am, you might find your pics in my BIM2011 albums here in Facebook.

Official site for Borneo Marathon


NOTE: I wrote this entry almost a week back and it was sitting in my journal waiting to be uploaded to Blogger. However on Saturday (June 18) morning, I read a sobering news on one of my running fren’s Facebook wall saying Andrew Voon (Race director for BIM) has left us suddenly when he collapsed during his morning run and never woke up.

I do not know Andrew personally but I admired very much what he has done for the Borneo International Marathon (he was one of the founding members) and am sure part of the success of BIM was down to his planning and dedication.

I enjoyed my BIM run this year, luv the feeling of running along the coastline… and I’m sure I’ll now return to KK next year for BIM2012 to run again in this wonderful race and to say “goodbye” to Andrew.

Life is fragile… live it now.

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