Killing two health birds with one well-placed kidney stone?

Someone please tell me BP Healthcare at the very least have someone with an above average command of English to go through their public marketing materials?

“Friendly medical practitioners soothe body fluid donators to ensure a smooth, flowing process. Tests take up to 15 minutes, after which upper class postmen whisk blood and urine samples to brainy testers. Examinations cover health obstacles like hepatitis B, liver and renal malfunctions and patients need not stretch their patience as results can be obtained within 24 hours. After a doctor’s consultation, customers are entitled to a complimentary nutritionist consultation, killing two health birds with one well-placed kidney stone.”

I am thinking of going there for my regular health checkup (my last two were done at their place). Now I’m not… hmm.. quite so sure.  Am not quite ready to understand how kidney stones are useful to kill health birds. 🙂

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  1. Groupon has their wacky way to describe their products and this is considered as mild, you should've see the one with the Seiko diving watch.
    It said you could use it to fend of sharks. LOL


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