Retiro Park Recce Run

The Madrid Marathon starts at the Plaza de Colon and ends at the Retiro Park. This separation of Start/Finish location does pose it’s own problem (which I’ll talk about in my race report later) but we heard the Retiro Park is a very nice & green place for peeps to do their runs.

The weather in Madrid is chilly.. Hovering around 10-14C in the morning and we thought it’ll be good for us to take a few quick rounds in Retiro Park in the morning to test out whether our running outfit is appropriately geared for this weather. Wifey has also bought a new K-Swiss yesterday at the Pabellon Expo during our Race Pack Collection and the recce run would provide her with an opportunity to break the new shoes in.


Doggies are seen everywhere in Madrid. Here’s a cute little fella who’s probably curious with our Asian colors! 😛

Hmm… why do these two look yellowish?

The weather this morning was at 10C in the early morning but probably settled down to around 14C when we reached the Park, and it’s a nice easy walk to the Park which is about 1KM away from our hotel (Hotel Convencion). We were not quite sure of our direction but we did reach the Park walking in the general direction from our Google Map and we entered it through what we thought must be one of the side entrance.


Wifey with her (proposed) running attire for tomorrow. All wrapped up… haha, you won’t be able to wear these and run in KL for sure, now that our weather seems to hover around 34C!

2012-05 Madrid Rock-n-Roll Recce2

Some parts of the park are sandy… and not so suitable for running but once you get to the heart of the park, you are surrounded by trees and well-paved tarmac paths. And indeed it’s a popular running spot as we can see joggers/runners – and some with their doggies – everywhere. They do seem to be running at a brisk pace.


That’s how I’m planning to dress for tomorrow’s run, with the Madrid Adidas vest on top of this Adidas tee. Should be sufficient to keep me warm, I hope. 😛 


The Garmin Map of our recce run at the Retiro Park. We’ll write more about this park when we visit it again later this week but it’s huge (350 acres) and you can see tennis courts and even a football field in the bottom left corner of the picture!

All set for tomorrow’s run then but before that, a trip to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. 🙂

More photos from our Facebook album


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