Seiko Monsters relaunched?

Just read that they have relaunched the Seiko Monster’s series (in Singapore but no doubt would be making their way across here if not already).


Here’s how the new Orange Monster looks like..

Image © 2012 YeoManOrient Blog

Hmm, I still think I prefer my current Orange Monster (below) which I got from eBay. 😛


It’ll be interesting to see how the prices of the original SK-zeries Monster fare in eBay given the arrival of the new series. If they dropped, wouldn’t mind getting myself the Black Monster. 🙂


The elusive one that I fancy is the Yellow Monster (there’s one going for USD1790 in eBay) and it is a hard one to track down.

Here’s an interesting gallery pic of the various monsters. Enjoy!

2012-08 Seiko Monsters.jpg

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