Schoep and John

Saw a post from my sis which led me to this site.

The site owner John Unger had just lost his beloved German shepherd Schoep. Schoep was 20 yo when he left this world on Wed.

I Breathe But I Can’t Catch My Breath…
Schoep passed yesterday
More information in the days ahead


This site has 253K fans and the post which John announced Shoep’s loss has 53K likes – so we are not looking at a site that has high number of fans but low number of fan-based activities. Curious to find out more… I came across Schoep & John’s story well documented by this Daily Mail article. It’s also mentioned in this Time article.

© StonehousePhoto. Schoep being cradled in John’s arms in Lake Superior, by photographer Hannah Stonehouse Hudson of StonehousePhoto

You can buy prints of the above pic from Stonehouse Photo’s website.

Schoep & John’s story in the social media started with the famous picture (above) which went viral last August and started their Facebook journey which sadly ended a few days ago. The water in the lake helped to sooth Schoep’s arthritic pain.


But Schoep has left behind his legacy, the Schoep Legacy Foundation which helps provide funds for low income families to care of their elderly dogs.


Take care John. Schoep’s now with angels.

Official site:

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