Finally back on winning track…

After some bad weeks where Liverpool just couldn't seem to win any matches (and Rafa's Rotation Policy is called into question again), we finally starting winning matches, 3-1 at Aston Villa, 3-0 Bordeaux and hopefully another win this Sat with Reading........Not just wins but playing some good football as well.But gosh... look at Riise (left)... Continue Reading →

Left and Right

Finally learnt "exactly" what left- and right- meant in politics.Left: Rejecting the inequality that results from the free market is left; Right: Accepting it is right. Left: The extent to which the government should (interventionism) Right: The government should not (laissez-faire) intervene in the economy in order to benefit the poor. Left: Preference for a... Continue Reading →

A chess set for one cool million USD?

The "Royal Diamond Chess Set", an extraordinary luxurious version of the classic chess game. Designed by renowned French artist, designer and master of jewelry Bernard Maquin as part of the Gem Stone King collection, this is a rare and precious work of fine art jewelry.Entirely handmade by 30 craftsmen over 4,500 hours, using 14k white... Continue Reading →

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