Kings & Queen of Comedy Asia 2010

It was billed as the first ever night of kings.. and queen... of comedy where you get 5 stand-up comedians at the top of their game bringing you the BIGGEST laugh in a live comedy event! For some reason, the organizer is doing this show for a single night only (in KL) which obviously did... Continue Reading →

Terry Fox Run 2010

 This was first posted at the site. I'm cross-posting it here to share with readers who are not fans.They said "running" and "boardgaming" don't mix well. Argument is that one (running) is active while the other (boardgaming) is passive.  One tests your physical limits while the other stretches your mental endurance.The above argument... Continue Reading →

BEATLES here there everywhere….

With John Lennon's 70th anniversary (if he was still alive) being celebrated today, it was no wonder everyone's favourite BookXcess (the evil bookshop haha) decided to have a couple of their books on vivid display in their shop, which helped to lure unsuspecting folks who were just innocously passing by on an easy Saturday.......... and... Continue Reading →

Band of Brothers 2 (Pacific) to premier March 14 (HBO)

From the people who gave us the awesome "Band of Brothers" TV series, comes the sequel "The Pacific" which premieres in the U.S. this March 14.Official site: the HBO Official website, here's the summary for this mini-seriesThe Pacific is an epic ten-part mini-series. The Pacific tracks the intertwined real-life stories of three U.S. Marines Robert Leckie,... Continue Reading →

Fried-out Kombie to pay Kookaburra royalties…

,Oops... an Australian court rules that Men-at-Work, an Aussie band famous in the 80s, used part of the melody from a popular children song "Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree" for their hit single "Down Under".Traveling on a fried-out Kombie, on a hippie trail, head full of zombie....I met a strange lady, she made me... Continue Reading →

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