HUKM Run for a Ray of Hope

Fresh from last Sunday's Terry Fox Run, this coming Sunday sees another charity run organized by the National University of M'sia to raise funds for the needy in PPUKM. The interesting part of the run is that it's held in UKM, Bangi - a venue I've not ran in before which should make this an interesting run.


Zumba your Way to Charity

ZUMBA YOUR WAY TO CHARITYA group of dancers are hoping to raise Rm60,000 for Kiwanis Bangsar by doing a 2-hr public Zumba Fitness dance class cum party! Apa tu Zumba?Hmm... from their official site, it says Zumba is a hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves creating a one-kind fitness program that'll blow us away. J... Continue Reading →

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