Retiro Park Recce Run

Read about our recce run at the Retiro Park which is the finishing point for the Madrid Rock-n-Roll Run.

Madrid Rock-n-Roll Marathon – Race Pack Collection & Expo

One of the key events of the Madrid Rock & Roll Marathon is arguably Europe's largest Health & Fitness Expo (with most vendors displaying running related merchandise) held at the Pabellon de La Pipa, which is the venue where we'll be collecting our race pack.

The Bladerunners

About half a year back when I was due to replace my Adizero Tempo, I was scouring the market to see what's new with running shoes and one brand caught my eye - K-Swiss. I actually first saw it some time ago while in the LRT when a young chap walked in with a nice dynamic looking shoe. It had 4-bands so it couldn't be Adidas. It was not until some of my runner frens started using K-Swiss that I finally found out which brand it was.

K-SWISS, the new Swoosh?

K-Swiss is not what you would call a mainstream brand name for sports shoes, in a market dominated by the mind-share kings like Nike, Adidas and what-not. However their new line-ups are looking very "sexy" and from a runner's perspective, gives you more bang-for-the-bucks.It's time to replace my Adizero Tempo. In fact, it's way over-time... Continue Reading →

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