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About half a year back when I was due to replace my Adizero Tempo, I was scouring the market to see what's new with running shoes and one brand caught my eye - K-Swiss. I actually first saw it some time ago while in the LRT when a young chap walked in with a nice dynamic looking shoe. It had 4-bands so it couldn't be Adidas. It was not until some of my runner frens started using K-Swiss that I finally found out which brand it was.

K-SWISS, the new Swoosh?

K-Swiss is not what you would call a mainstream brand name for sports shoes, in a market dominated by the mind-share kings like Nike, Adidas and what-not. However their new line-ups are looking very "sexy" and from a runner's perspective, gives you more bang-for-the-bucks.It's time to replace my Adizero Tempo. In fact, it's way over-time... Continue Reading →

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