27 Sep 2011: Siemens Run 2011

Siemens has a reputation for hosting one of the more "fun" races in KL and with them donating the run proceeds to charity, it's a run that's always worth supporting. I missed the 2009 run as I was late to the party and the registration has closed. I did sign up for last year's but due to some last minute engagement, couldn't make it on run day itself.

Borneo International Marathon 2012 date announced!

It's set for 6th May 2012 (Sunday) and online registration is expected to open 1st Oct 2011. We did our first Borneo run last May (see first blog entry here) and my extremely busy schedule is keeping me from writing the rest of the blog entries.... but we thoroughly enjoyed our run (and also the short holiday at Sutera Harbour) and will definitely want to come back again!

BIM2011: Race Pack Collection

It was 2 years ago that I first noticed this boutique race - Borneo International Marathon - held in the land of the hornbills. The picture of the proboscis monkey (which I kept confusing as orang utan) on the finisher's medal made it a unique medal to collect. The attraction of running along the coastline is probably a strong second pull. And earlier sessreps from Yim (who attended the 2009 run) pointed to a well-organized run.

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