HUKM Run for a Ray of Hope

Fresh from last Sunday's Terry Fox Run, this coming Sunday sees another charity run organized by the National University of M'sia to raise funds for the needy in PPUKM. The interesting part of the run is that it's held in UKM, Bangi - a venue I've not ran in before which should make this an interesting run.

Terry Fox Run 2010

 This was first posted at the site. I'm cross-posting it here to share with readers who are not fans.They said "running" and "boardgaming" don't mix well. Argument is that one (running) is active while the other (boardgaming) is passive.  One tests your physical limits while the other stretches your mental endurance.The above argument... Continue Reading →

My long awaited report for the recently concluded Newton 12K Run

.................Nothing? HahahaYeah, nothing. As I FFK that event!FFK = Fong Fei Kei (literally translated as "fly aeroplane" or in layman speak "to skip an event")I signed up for this event - the Newton 12K - a couple months back but as is with my schedule, it's hard for me to know how busy I'll be... Continue Reading →

27 Mar ’10 – Energizer Night Race: A night of heavy breathing bunny run…

RUNNING + NIGHT = VOGUEThere are two vogues currently hitting M'sia. The first is "running". There is almost one race every week somewhere in M'sia. In fact this coming 25th April, there are at least 3 races I know of - Bidor Half-marathon, MPSJ NST Subang 10K, and Larian Kubur.Larian Kubur? (loosely translated as Cemetery... Continue Reading →

14 Mar ’10: Bareno Run 2010 – If the hills dun kill you….

There were two reasons for me signing up for the Bareno Run (which was concluded two weeks back). Firstly, I had only done one race this year ie. the Putrajaya Night Run last month (Feb) and my running goal for this year is to enter one race per month. With no race in January, I'm one race short. Secondly,... Continue Reading →

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