Schoep and John

Saw a post from my sis which led me to this site. The site owner John Unger had just lost his beloved German shepherd Schoep. Schoep was 20 yo when he left this world on Wed. I Breathe But I Can't Catch My Breath... Schoep passed yesterday More information in the days ahead This... Continue Reading →


Kubler-Rose model’s of Grief (5 Stages)

Denial - Anger - Bargaining - Depression - AcceptanceThe five stages of grief when a person know he is dying, that was first mentioned in Kubler-Rose's book On Death and Dying. Those 5 stages can be applied to personal loss too.A recently biz screw-up left me going thru the same phases... except I am still... Continue Reading →

Jamie Carragher’s 300 games for Liverpool

Well done, lad! Jamie Carragher, arguably one of the finest defenders in English football celebrated his landmark 300th games with Liverpool (his only club) last Sat when they played Reading at Anfield.A local boy made good.Jamie and Steven Gerrard with the Euro Cup won in 2005He's only 28 so there's every chance he'll surpass the... Continue Reading →

Latest Squash Rankings

THE RANKINGS Men: 1 Amr Shabana (Egy) 1406.250, 2. David Palmer (Aus) 1160.625, 3. Thierry Lincou (Fra) 883.333, 4. James Willstrop (Eng) 735.417, 5. Gregory Gaultier (Fra) 668.125, 6. Anthony Ricketts (Aus) 591.250, 7. Nick Matthew (Eng) 533.750, 8. Lee Beachill (Eng) 456.818, 9. Ramy Ashour (Egy) 430.417, 10. Karim Darwish (Egy) 416.250. Selected: 14.... Continue Reading →

Rotation is the new Zonal Marking

Alrite if you are still wondering whether Rotation is a good or bad thin', wonder no more. Read Paul Tomkin's debunking of the myth surrounding Liverpool... but then it's always sensationalism that sells newspaper.Paul debunk the myths not with emotions, feelings or opinions - all of which can be subjective - but with simple cold... Continue Reading →

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