Morning pages… or just write la.

This article – How writing 750 words a day could change your life – about a routine they call “Morning Pages” prompted me to think about my own writings.

Been awhile since I put fingers-to-keys and type out a blog post. Even a short one. Things been pretty hectic for the past couple years. A new person in my life (she’s two now and tremendously adorable), trying to grow a new business, trying to maintain an existing one, and in-between trying to keep to my 5:00 min pace (haha!)

Something has to give. Writing it was. Not just to this personal blog but also to my blog which I was loving the writes for my other love, boardgaming. And don’t even get me started on my yet-to-really-get-going AGILE blog.

I’ve always wanted to come back to writing. But there’s always an excuse why that didn’t happen. Nothing good to write about. Short of time, other tasks have higher priorities. This. And that.

Reading the Morning Pages article made me realized… why do I care if I’ve anything to write. Just write. Especially in this blog. Which is just my personal rant.

p/s Don’t think I’ll have the time to explore doing my own Morning Pages yet.┬áIt’s certainly something I’m keen to put on my Someday list for this year. First things first, let’s get me writing again, then we shall see.

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