Who is Liverpool’s greatest ever manager?

A recent poll was conducted at the official site that ran for 9 months and attracted more than 73,000+ votes for Liverpool supporters to decide who’s the GREATEST ever Liverpool manager.

Results were announced today and I was not a bit surprised by whom everyone chose. I was surprised though on the 3rd place manager! Who do you think he could be? Hmm…

The poll results in full

1. Bill Shankly: 29,030
2. Bob Paisley: 24,302
3. Rafael Benitez: 13,350

4. Kenny Dalglish: 3,452
5. Gerard Houllier: 1,722
6. Roy Evans: 455
7. Joe Fagan: 377
8. Graeme Souness: 329
9. John McKenna: 195
10. Phil Taylor: 113
11. Don Welsh: 102
12. William Barclay: 93
13. George Patterson: 64
14. George Kay: 63
15. Matt McQueen: 60
16. David Ashworth: 50

To read more about Bill Shankly,

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