Wings on Merdeka

Today our nation celebrated her independence. Almost 50 years ago, Malaya was formed. As usual crowds gathered on the usual suspect places – Bintang, KLCC, Bangsar, Times Square – for the customary fireworks at the dot of 12.

Me? Was still in the office when I decided to leave around late 11ish. As my office is near KLCC as I walked out of the lobby, I can see thronges of ppl all heading towards KLCC for the countdown.

Was feeling hungry and Yan decided to remain at home to avoid the “jam” though in reality, there was no jam along Jln Ampang but I suspect there might be one from the Tun Razak road.

Anyway since I’m all on my own and my stomach was yelling for my attention, decided to drop by Wings Cafe in Times Walk for a bite.

Been here once with Yan earlier this year and we quite like the food. Took the grilled fish fillet and it was yummy. As good as those served by Remember Me cafe.

There was the usual live singer, belting out good numbers like Bee Gee’s “First of May“, another familiar Malay song which I can’t place the name, and a couple of Chinese songs. Really nice to just sit down, enjoy a meal and listen to some proper singing (and not those karaoke singers you get when you attend wedding dinners).

Meal costs RM26+ for a main course and hot chocolate. Not cheap but then it’s becoz they added some surcharge for Merdeka Eve, otherwise I think it would have been a better value at RM20+

when you are happy, when you feel sad,
there’s always a piece of music
to share your joy, to smooth your sorrow.

when life is hard on you
and you feel tired
let music lift your spirit up.

listen to the music
listen to your heart
lift your spirit up

let music fly.”

Taken from their website They just opened a new outlet in Seri Kembangan. Nice place…. will surely be back for more food. And music.

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